VOL XIV 2006

Patterns of variation and correlation among traits in a strawberry germplasm collection (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.)
Joanna Ukalska, Wiesław Mądry, Krzysztof Ukalski, Agnieszka Masny, Edward Żurawicz

Results obtained on the efficacy of 6-BA alone, and in combination with other thinning agents from different apple producing areas of northern Italy
Anna Maria Bregoli, Cristina Fabbroni, Roberto Vancini, Aldo Galliano, Guglielmo Costa

Thinning of ‘Fuji’ apple trees with ethephon, NAD and BA, alone and in combination
Matej Stopar

Efficacy of natural compounds used for thinning in organic apple orchards
Alina Basak

The influence of time of flowers’ and fruitlets’ hand thinning of apple trees ‘Šampion’ on quantity and quality of yield
Iwona Szot, Alina Basak

The effect of various soil management techniques on growth and yield in the black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa Elliot)
Zdzisław Kawecki, Zofia Tomaszewska

Preliminary assessment of productivity and fruit quality of Lithuanian and Ukrainian cultivars of blackcurrant under the climatic conditions of Olsztyn
Zdzisław Kawecki, Anna Bieniek, Jan Kopytowski, Tadeusas Šikŝnianas

Emergence and mortality of seedlings in some apple (Malus ´ domestica Borkh.) progenies
Cezary Piestrzeniewicz, Janusz Andziak, Sławomir Odziemkowski, Ewa Andziak

The effect of the ‘Northstar’ interstem on the growth, yielding and fruit quality of five sweet cherry cultivars
Elżbieta Rozpara, Zygmunt S. Grzyb

Thinning of ‘Katja’ apple trees with chemicals and manually
Stanisław Porębski, Przemysław Banach, Bernadeta Rzeźnicka

Factors modifying regeneration in vitro of adventitious shoots in five red raspberry cultivars
Marta Zawadzka, Teresa Orlikowska

Growth, yield and fruit quality in ‘Šampion’ apple trees trained using four different training systems: HYTEC, Solen, Mikado and spindle
Zbigniew Buler, Augustyn Mika

Effect of three training systems and hand fruitlet thinning on yield and fruit quality in two cultivars of Japanese plum (Prunus salicina Lindl.)
Zbigniew Buler, Augustyn Mika, Danuta Krzewińska, Waldemar Treder, Barbara Sopyła

Performance of young peach trees planted in ridges and mulched in tree rows
Adam Szewczuk, Ewelina Gudarowska

Influence of fertigation with nitrogen and a complete fertilizer on growth and yielding of ‘Gala’ apple trees
Waldemar Treder

Changes in the rate of gas exchange, water consumption and growth in strawberry plants infested with the two-spotted spider mite
Krzysztof Klamkowski, Małgorzata Sekrecka, Hajnalka Fonyódi, Waldemar Treder

The effects of substrate moisture content on water potential, gas exchange rates, growth, and yield in strawberry plants grown under greenhouse conditions
Krzysztof Klamkowski, Waldemar Treder, Anna Tryngiel-Gać

The quality of apples – preferences among consumers from Skierniewice, Poland
Katarzyna Jesionkowska, Dorota Konopacka, Witold Płocharski

Evaluation of apple cultivars' resistance to apple scab (Venturia inaequalis Che.)
Michał Szklarz

Susceptibility of strawberry cultivars to infestation by the strawberry mite (Phytonemus pallidus ssp. fragariae Zimm.)
Barbara H. Łabanowska

Methyl jasmonate-induced stimulation of chlorophyll formation in the basal part of tulip bulbs kept under natural light conditions
Junichi Ueda, Marian Saniewski

The effect of ruthenium red, a Ca++ channel blocker, on a red pigment formation in mechanically wounded scales of Hippeastrum x hybr. hort., and on the growth and development of Phoma narcissi
Marian Saniewski, Marcin Horbowicz, Alicja Saniewska

In vitro prediction of plant height for Chrysanthemum x grandiflorum (Ramat.) Kitam
Diana Nencheva

Evaluation of several chemical agents for prolonging vase life in cut asparagus greens
Ewa Skutnik, Julita Rabiza-Świder, Aleksandra J. Łukaszewska


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