VOL.XII 2004 Special ed.


The importance of biodiversity in natural environment and in fruit plantations
Augustyn Mika

Organic fruit production in Turkey
Hamide Gubbuk, Ersin Polat, Mustafa Pekmezci

Improving the feathering of young apple trees in environment friendly way by modified benzyladenine application
Csiszár László, Bubán Tamás

Integrated pest management in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) orchards in Bulgaria
Hristina Kutinkova, Radoslav Andreev

The benefits of Vaccinium species in ecological production
Danuta Krzewińka

Comparison of apple production costs between conventional, integrated and organic farming
Piotr Brzozowski

Low-input apple production in central Italy: tree and soil management
Davide Neri

Thinning of flowers/fruitlets in organic apple production
Matej Stopar

Evaluation of some training systems in apple orchard
Ireneusz Sosna

The influence of agro-technical methods used in the nursery on quality of planting material and precocity of bearing in young apple trees in the orchard
Ewelina Gudarowska, Adam Szewczuk

Influence of planting and training systems on fruit yield in apple orchard
Maria Licznar-Małańczuk

Orchard weeds in Lublin region twenty years on – preliminary report
Janusz Lipecki

Response of young apple trees to different orchard floor management systems
Waldemar Treder, Krzysztof Klamkowski, Augustyn Mika, Paweł Wójcik

Mulching systems and weed control in Japanese quince (Chaenomeles japonica Ldl.) plantations
Darius Kviklys, Kimmo Rumpunen, Silvija Ruisa

Mulching and nitrogen fertilization in a prune orchard
Janusz Lipecki, Anna Janisz, Piotr Sienkiewicz

The effect of soil mulching and irrigation on yielding of apple trees in ridge planting
Adam Szewczuk, Ewelina Gudarowska

Effect of organic mulching on the quantity of microorganisms in soil of apple plantation
Csaba Varga, Tamás Bubán, Miklós Piskolczi

Use of spent mushroom compost in sustainable fruit production
Ibrahim Uzun

The use of ultra-low volume atomisers for weed control in fruit production
Jacek Rabcewicz, Paweł Wawrzyńczak

Testing of apple rootstock/scion combinations in various orchard systems
Ferenc Takács

Application of environment friendly branch promoting substances to advance sweet cherry tree canopy development in the orchard
Tadeusz Jacyna, Aneta Puchała

Use of natural zeolite (clinoptilolite) in agriculture
Ersin Polat, Mehmet Karaca, Halil Demir, A. Naci Onus

Effect of nitrogen fertilisation and soil management on soil mineral nitrogen in the apple orchard
Dariusz Wrona, Andrzej Sadowski

Uptake of mineral nutrients from foliar fertilization (review)
Paweł Wójcik

Effect of nitrogen fertilization on growth and nitrogen distribution in ‘Red Fuji’ apple trees
Liqun Hou, Eugeniusz Szwonek, Huairui Shu

New scab resistant apple cultivars recommended in Slovenia
Boštjan Godec

Evaluation of sweet and sour cherry cultivars on German dwarfing rootstocks in Hungary
Géza Bujdosó, Károly Hrotkó, Rolf Stehr

A review of the meteorological causes of sunburn injury on the surface of apple fruit (Malus domestica Borkh)
Miklós Piskolczi, Csaba Varga, József Racskó

Entomophagous complex of some pests in the apple and peach orchards in the southeastern Romania
Marioara Trandafirescu, Iulian Trandafirescu, Corina Gava,Valentin Spita