VOL. XII 2004

Effect of medium composition and date of explant drawing on effectiveness of Agrobacterium-mediated transformation in the petunia (Petunia hybrida pendula)
Barbara Michalczuk, Danuta Wawrzyńczak 

Detection of Strawberry mottle virus (SMoV) using RT-PCR – comparison of two RNA extraction methods
Mirosława Cieślińska 

Effects of foliar applications of Kelpak SL and Goëmar BM 86Ž preparations on yield and fruit quality in two strawberry cultivars
Agnieszka Masny, Alina Basak, Edward Żurawicz 

Evaluation of the breeding value of selected blackberry genotypes
Jan Danek, Agnieszka Orzeł

Growth, yield and fruit quality in eight sweet cherry cultivars grafted on ‘Tabel Edabriz’ rootstock
Robert Kurlus

The role of cultivar and rootstock in sylleptic shoot formation in maiden pear trees
Tadeusz Jacyna 

Evaluation of the ‘Mikado’ tree training system versus the spindle form in apple trees
Zbigniew Buler, Augustyn Mika

Effect of rootstock quality and height of heading back one-year-old grafts on the quality of two-year-old trees in the nursery
Paweł Bielicki, Alojzy Czynczyk

The effect of different methods of preventing replanting disease and different levels of irrigation on soil and leaf mineral content
Eugeniusz Pacholak, Zofia Zydlik, Marcin Zachwieja

Evaluation of three Asian pear cultivars for cultivation in commercial orchards
Emilian Pitera, Sławomir Odziemkowski

Evaluation of apple cultivars with different susceptibility to scab (Venturia inaequalis Aderh.)
Michał Szklarz

Remarks on the biology of the filbert leaf-roller (Archips rosanus L.) in climatic conditions of Poland
Zofia Płuciennik, Urszula Tworkowska

Spread of the strawberry mite (Phytonemus pallidus ssp. fragariae Zimm.) on thirteen strawberry cultivars
Barbara H. Łabanowska

Flower bud damage in twenty strawberry cultivars by the strawberry blossom weevil- Anthonomus rubi Herbst
Barbara H. Łabanowska 

The influence of pesticides on the growth of fungus Hirsutella nodulosa (Petch) – entomopathogen of strawberry mite (Phytonemus pallidus ssp. fragariae Zimm.)
Cezary Tkaczuk, Barbara H. Łabanowska, Ryszard Miętkiewski

Introducing and growing some fruiting columnar cacti in a new arid environment
Ahmed A. ElObeidy