VOL XIV 2006 Supplement 2

Methods and Legal Regulations in Fruit Quality Determination

Emerging technologies for non-destructive quality evaluation of fruit
Paola Eccher Zerbini

Relationship between apple sensory attributes and instrumental parameters of texture
Emira Mehinagic, Gaëlle Royer, Ronan Symoneaux, Frédérique Jourjon

Quality indexes for ‘Golden Smoothee’ apples in relation to consumer evaluation
Diana Molina, Simo Alegre, Tomas Casero, Mariona Casals, Joan Bonany, Joaquim Carbó, Jaume Puy, Inmaculada Recasens

Establishment of a criterion to determine the optimal harvest date of ‘Gala’ apples based on consumer preferences
Mariona Casals, Joan Bonany, Joaquim Carbó, Simó Alegre, Ignasi Iglesias, Diana Molina, Tomás Casero, Immaculada Recasens

Seasonal trends in harvest indices for ‘Golden Smoothee’ apples in Spain

Simó Alegre, Diana P. Molina, Inmaculada Recasens, Mariona Casals, Joan Bonany, Joaquim Carbó, Tomás Casero, Ignasi Iglesias

Changes in fruit quality in pears during CA storage
Anna Wawrzyńczak, Krzysztof P. Rutkowski, Dorota E. Kruczyńska

Storage quality of low ethylene producing apples
Richard Colgan, John Stow, Annalisa Marchese, Sladjana Nidzovic, Mark Else

The effect of nitrous oxide treatment on the physiology and quality of bananas
Xavier Palomer, Irma Roig, Désirée Grima-Calvo, Miguel Vendrell

OECD guidance on objective testing to determine the ripeness of fruit
Ernst Semmelmeyer

Correlations between fruit size and fruit quality in apple trees with high and standard crop load levels
Flavio Roberto De Salvador, Marco Fisichella, Marco Fontanari

Methods to determine antioxidative capacity in fruit
Eivind Vangdal, Rune Slimestad

Determination of phenolic compounds in apples and processed apple products
Jarosław Markowski, Witold Płocharski

The effect of fruitlet thinning on fruit quality parameters in the apple cultivar ‘Gala’
Alina Basak

Seed count, fruit quality and storage properties in four apple cultivars
Jan Blažek, Ivana Hlušičková

Effect of inter- and intra-fruit variability in predicting softening of nectarines
Paola Eccher Zerbini, Maristella Vanoli, Maurizio Grassi, Anna Rizzolo, Rinaldo Cubeddu, Antonio Pifferi, Lorenzo Spinelli, Alessandro Torricelli

Effect of foliar sprays on potassium, magnesium and calcium distribution in fruits of the pear
Maciej Gąstoł, Iwona Domagała-Świątkiewicz

The effects of trunk scoring and pruning methods on fruit quality of apples
Ewelina Gudarowska, Adam Szewczuk

Changes in sugar and acid composition of ‘Ambra’ nectarines during shelf life based on non-destructive assessment of maturity by time-resolved reflectance spectroscopy
Sanu Jacob, Maristella Vanoli, Maurizio Grassi, Anna Rizzolo, Paola Eccher Zerbini, Rinaldo Cubeddu, Antonio Pifferi, Lorenzo Spinelli, Alessandro Torricelli

Changes in fruit quality during ripening and storage in the apple cultivar ‘Auksis’
Nomeda Kvikliene, Darius Kviklys, Pranas Viškelis

Storability and fruit quality of ‘Golden Delicious’ as affected by harvest date, AVG and 1-MCP treatments
Gottfried Lafer

Training system and fruit quality in the apple cultivar ‘Jonagold’
Maria Licznar-Małańczuk

Effects of climatic conditions on fruit quality of apple cultivars assessed by public sensory evaluations in the Czech and Slovak Republics 1999-2004
František Paprštein, Jan Blažek, Samuel Michalek

Ethylene production and storage potential in ‘Cacanska Najbolja’ plums
Henryk Plich

Changes in biologically active constituents during ripening in black currants
Marina Rubinskiene, Pranas Viskelis, Ina Jasutiene, Pavelas Duchovskis, Ceslovas Bobinas

Productivity and fruit quality of scab resistant apple cultivars and hybrids
Audrius Sasnauskas, Dalia Gelvonauskienė, Bronislovas Gelvonauskis, Pranas Viskelis, Pavelas Duchovskis, Ceslovas Bobinas, Jurate Siksnianienė, Gintare Sabajevienė

The effect of processing on the composition of sea buckthorn juice
Dalija Seglina, Daina Karklina, Silvija Ruisa, Inta Krasnova

Fruit quality and processing potential in five new blackcurrant cultivars
Tadeusas Siksnianas, Vidmantas Stanys, Audrius Sasnauskas, Pranas Viskelis, Marina Rubinskiene

Pectic composition, optical properties measured by time-resolved reflectance spectroscopy and quality in ‘Jonagored’ apples
Maristella Vanoli, Paola Eccher Zerbini, Maurizio Grassi, Anna Rizzolo, Elisabetta Forni, Rinaldo Cubeddu, Antonio Pifferi, Lorenzo Spinelli, Alessandro Torricelli